Agile Network Builders, LLC (d/b/a Agile Networks, Agile Broadband) launched in January 2010, focusing on engineering, deploying and operating data networks, with a particular emphasis on public safety.  Initially the company focused on designing and deploying wireless backhaul networks.  The company then transitioned to being a telecom provider and initiated the design and development of its general purpose carrier transport and “last-mile” network – The Agile Network – to transform:

  • Public Safety Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Rural Broadband to Enhance Economic Development
  • State and Local Government Telecommunications Capabilities and Cost Structure

Knowing that The Agile Network was going to be supporting public safety, it was designed from inception with stability and reliability as the core focus.  In 2012, the company deployed and operated an extended pilot of The Agile Network in Columbus, Ohio, that demonstrated the ability of the network to successfully meet, and even exceed, public safety technical requirements. With the success of the pilot, broad deployment of the network began and Agile Networks became an approved state vendor under a Master Services Agreement.

The Agile Network, now deployed throughout and beyond the State of Ohio, continues to expand and transform telecommunications throughout the US.  The network unifies existing tower and fiber assets into one network that enhances public safety communications, extends the reach of existing fiber assets for government and education, provides cost competitive telecommunications for State and Local government and serves as a catalyst for economic development and rural broadband in previously underserved markets.