Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Agile Network Composed of?

The Agile Network utilizes data centers, communication towers, fiber, microwave backhaul, and the latest in wireless technology. This combination of assets maximizes the network’s flexibility and reliability.

Is The Agile Network reliable?

Agile’s wireless last mile connections are capable of being engineered to 99.999% availability. The State of Ohio’s Public Safety Communications program (MARCS) tested the network extensively and were so impressed with its performance that today the program utilizes Agile as a crucial part of their day to day operations.

Is The Agile Network secure?

The Agile Network is an MPLS network capable of meeting any data security requirements from the core to the edge. All Agile connections are FIPS140-2 compliant.

Can The Agile Network support Voice over IP and other applications?

The Agile Network is ideal for voice and other IP based applications. Agile offers Service Level guaranteed connectivity that ensures high reliability with exceptionally low latency and jitter.

What does a typical installation consist of?

Agile’s Last-Mile Agility allows them to use whichever means of delivery is most appropriate in a given circumstance. For example, in situations where wireless last mile is deemed appropriate, an install consists of Agile mounting a panel or dish to the user’s facility and extending an Ethernet cable from the unit to a mutually agreed upon demarcation point. Other installations may lend themselves better to fiber-optic handoffs. Each circuit Agile delivers is custom engineered to best serve their customers.

Does Agile do more than just data connectivity?

Agile Networks specializes in network building but offers, either directly or through one of countless partners, solutions to any IT related challenges companies might encounter. Agile has provided access controls, security and surveillance, Voice over IP, and a number of other applications to their users.

My business has multiple locations throughout the area. Can Agile connect these as a secure private network?

Any locations within the footprint of The Agile Network can be securely connected to one
another via a point to point private network. There is no limit to the number of facilities that can be interconnected.

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